Babies, Burping, Bison

Is there an official timeline for when babies or toddlers or in-betweeners start throwing tantrums? I mean, full-on “I’m going to scream because you aren’t catering to my every whim” meltdowns? I think our son, we’ll call him RT for the sake of privacy, is in that stage. That’s how my day started, and it didn’t stop until I left for the gym at 10:30 PM. In case I change my mind later, let it be documented that E (boyfriend) is a saint. There, honey. You finally have it in writing.

I arrived home from work, cranky kiddo in tow, and started fixing dinner. Tonight we decided on Bison Burgers from Run Fast, Eat Slow . If you are in the market for quick, easy-to-make, healthy meals- this is for you. The book is written by athletes, and it does not make you feel like you are being healthy without still being indulgent (if you know what I mean). There’s a huge almost cult-following with this cookbook (Am I late to the party? Usually the case) and I now understand why. I was hesitant to try it at first, because I’m that person who will catch one whiff of a “diet” and go running straight for the local ice cream parlor. What is self-control again?

Here’s a photo of the finished product:

Bison Burgers, from Run Fast, Eat Slow

I didn’t go word by word from the recipe. It drives E nuts, but I reserve the right to creatively doctor up any and all food products coming from my kitchen. I used what we had- naan bread instead of pita pockets, open faced w/ fork and knife vs. burger style (way cleaner way of eating IMO), and added a little In ‘N’ Out style sauce on top. Fellow Californians, if you know, you know.

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s working out on a full stomach. If there’s one thing I hate even more, it’s working out in the morning. This is why I choose to go late at night, after RT is asleep. E gets alone time, I get gym time- it’s a win-win. Sometimes, I don’t gauge my time right to digest meals, like tonight. Note to self: try my best to not put myself in a situation to run 3 miles while burping bison ever again. Enough said.

My treadmill run tonight went well, considering I am just coming off of a one day rest after a 12 mile week last week. 3 miles on Tuesday, and 9 miles in 3 days ( Friday, Saturday, Sunday). Last week was my first week of a half-marathon training cycle. My coach knows me better than anyone else (hi, it’s me- HA!), and to be honest I’m just using a chart I found on Pinterest. It’s working just fine so far, and I’m making sure to listen to my body (i.e. ice baths, switching up rest days if necessary, rolling out or walking if needed, etc).

Here are my splits for the evening:

I have two more 3 mile runs scheduled (Thursday and Sunday) and a 4-miler on Saturday. Tomorrow is cross-training. E’s brother is a police officer and an ex-high school football star. Use your imagination for the workout he’s devised. For now, it’s off to watch episodes of Lucifer with E while RT is sleeping.

For the comment section:

Are you and yours trying to eat healthy? If so, what is your current go-to?

Are you currently training for anything? Yes, “life” is a totally acceptable answer! 😉

Until tomorrow! – K

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