Some Wednesday night thoughts.

Hi all! How is everyone’s Wednesday going? I realize these first few posts may be a bit scatterbrained. Please bear with me – I have to get used to sharing my thoughts for all of the internet to see.

First off, let me just say I think summertime in San Francisco is my favorite. I get to hang out with #KarltheFog every morning, and he’s even there for me after work, sometimes. What a guy. We had coffee together this morning.

Should we make this a thing? Please advise.

To be completely transparent, I don’t think I’ll ever post about my job or workplace on the blog. It’s just not something I’m comfortable with. What I will reveal, is I work in San Francisco (which I’m sure you super-sleuths have already figured out based on my coffee companion). You can scan my “About Me” blurb for another hint.

I really wish there were safer options for runners in the city. I might be the only one who feels this way (correct me if I’m wrong), but I can’t help to think I would end up getting hit by a car if I tried running in the SF neighborhoods I’m familiar with. Bay Area drivers, and even more so San Francisco drivers, are something else entirely.

I wanted to share a motivational (read: super cheesy ) video off of YouTube I resorted to watching during the last 0.5 miles of the notorious 3-mile “Bison Dash” (ew!) last night. Tell me I’m not the only one who loves these? There’s a TON of them on YouTube – little 5-6 minute edits with the intention of pumping you up. If you’re interested in watching, go ahead and click here. This one, by channel TC Tri , is specifically focused on Ironman Triathlons. Maybe someday, who knows? 😉

Tonight’s cross training workout is next on my agenda. I’ll give an update on how that goes in tomorrow’s post, along with the 3 mile run I have scheduled. I love that I look forward to running and training now – it’s such a healthy headspace to be in, and I can truly say I feel stronger and stronger after each session.

For the comment section:

Any tips or tricks to running safely in San Francisco? How about accessible , out-in-the-open running spots- any you’d like to share?

What are some things you turn to when you need an extra boost in your run / workout? (Non-runners, feel free to chime in with ideas you use as they apply to you)

Until tomorrow! – K

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