Sometimes, it’s magic.

Tonight, E and I took RT and our rescue pup, Champy, out for a run. We decided on a local trail frequented by runners and bikers alike.

I don’t use a professional camera- just my iPhone 8+. Gorgeous, right?

I brought our BOB Stroller to work with me, and it stayed in my trunk until we reached the trailhead. I swear by our BOB- I was able to snag it from another mama who was advertising on Craigslist. I would highly recommend looking there first before you go out and spend a ridiculous (but let’s be honest- still worth it) amount of money.

The weather was perfect- roughly 60ish degrees with a breeze that kicked up into more of a wind by the time we finished up. I started out with a light windbreaker, however by 1.25 miles, I was ready to stow it away in the stroller.

Hi, RT!

RT was having the time of his life swinging (at times, eating) his feet, jabbering away, and waving to all the passerby. I swear, making a point to fit in stroller miles every week is part of why I feel so strong running without it. After pushing that extra 50 lbs (25 child + 25 stroller), my speedwork feels like a breeze (kind of).

So tonight I had to run 3 miles. I haven’t gone farther than 3.4 miles EVER. By the time we hit mile 1.6, I called ahead to E to keep going. I was feeling alright, and I had it in me to go for more before turning around to run the second half. Worst came to worst, I would have a lucky someone head back to the car, come back, and pick me up. We hit mile 2, and went to turn around. I didn’t want to overdo it. While taking in some water, I asked E to take a photo of me for the blog.

I got this:

That’s me, with the belly. 9 months post-partum. And I absolutely love it.

I have to be honest- at first I was a little upset. I was this close to cropping the photo up to the stroller handle. I figured I would handle the editing when we got home, so I put my phone away, and started back on the trail.

Now, on this trail, I don’t need music or podcasts, or whatever you may listen to. I enjoy soaking up my surroundings- I’m talking baby herons, ducks, other dogs passing by. I am not much of a city girl ( believe it or not ) – living where we do forces me to soak up the outdoors when I can. During this time, I reflect on all I’m thankful for. As I was listing off items, something happened. I shifted gears towards my body image. This is something I have struggled with all my life ( not an exaggeration ) – this was huge for me. For the first time, instead of berating myself asking why was I doing all this work, and still looking a certain way, I said thank you for allowing me to run at all. I’m putting the work in every single day. Even if I look this way forever, I can still do hard things. For me, tonight, that is enough. Magic, I’m telling you.

We finished with 4.03 miles – a new PR for me. I kept below a 13 minute pace average for the run- I am SO okay with that! I’m very proud of the work I put in tonight- and I absolutely plan to conquer another 4 miles later this week.

In case anyone needs to hear it- it is more than okay to be a beginner. And it is certainly great to love yourself. Give yourself some credit, guys. We are all capable of doing hard things.

For the comments section:

What are some of your proudest achievements this week?

Do any of you jog with strollers? Which brand have you found to be your favorite?

Until tomorrow! – K

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