And others times, it isn’t.

So, remember how in my last post I was on cloud 9 having run a new long distance? Well, it came back to bite me. Hard.

Yesterday, my quadriceps felt so stiff, I had to assemble makeshift ice packs at work. I then iced my legs while at my desk for 20-minute intervals throughout the morning. Desperate times… Luckily, it was scheduled as a rest day for me. Either way, I got the recovery time I needed (or so I thought).

Today, I was going to run in the morning. When that did not pan out, I told myself I would go this evening, no question. Well, I did. And I only made it ONE MILE.

This is what I went in hoping for…
…and this is what I got.

Past me would have been stubborn enough to force herself through the mileage, irregardless of the repercussions it would have on her body. Injuries would most likely have been sustained, and she would have been out for a week or more, instead of what I did tonight- having grace with myself, and finding balance.

Sometimes, I forget I just started running on April 26, 2019 (this year). I can’t expect myself to be a seasoned professional after three-ish months. I have already improved from a 21+ minute mile, to a consistent 12-13 on a slow day- that is huge in and of itself. It is GREAT to have goals- we should! But we also need to remember to be kind to ourselves, and to look at things from a realistic perspective.

This morning, I was in a situation where I could actually get an uninterrupted full 8-9 hours of sleep. As a mother of an almost 1- year old, this is unheard of. I took advantage, and I don’t regret it. This afternoon, my nutrition was off, because it was my best friend’s bridal shower. You have to live.

With that being said, this is what my mile looked like tonight. It was not the prettiest, but not every day is going to be a “PR” day. I’m going to sign off with a quote from I pinned to my personal Pinterest board a few months ago. I think it really applies to this situation:


For the comments section:

How do you make up for missed mileage during training cycles?

How do you cope with injuries during training cycles (if any?)

Until tomorrow! – K

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