Wrapping up the week

Hi everyone! I waited to post until this morning in an attempt to get on a normal posting schedule. My hope is to post in the mornings (or at least schedule to publish in the mornings) from here on out. Sound good? Let me know what time you usually read in the comments section- I want to make this work for both of us.

After Saturday’s run, I was 5 miles short of my weekly training goal. My half-training plan scheduled 13 miles for the week, and you’re talking to an individual who has a very hard time not meeting expectations. What does that mean?

Run #1

Not only did this run take place at 9:26 PM…

Run #2

…but so did this run, later, at 10:38 PM. To answer your burning question- no, I don’t ever learn.

I decided to “trick myself” into running the remaining mileage for the week. The city we live in isn’t ideal for outdoor night running, so I knew I would have to get it done on the treadmill. Cue the “womp-womp”.

I decided to do the first chunk at our local gym. It is so much easier for me to get in the right headspace when I have to drive away from home to workout. It’s never crowded, and especially so on a Sunday night. Pretty ideal, to be honest.

The second run I came home to complete. We have an at-home gym I used to run in religiously, until I wanted to start incorporating weight training into my routine. We have an elliptical, a bike, and a treadmill- no free weights.

Weekly mileage total

This is what we are working with coming into week 3 of half marathon training, and I feel pretty solid! I knew this cycle would require me to push myself through tough spaces, and I’m committed to meeting my goals each week.

November- best be ready. I’m coming for you.

For the comments section:

What were your mileage totals for this week?

Anyone else have to trick themselves into running new distances? What are some of your best stories- I want to hear!

Until tomorrow! – K

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