When the lights go down in the…gym?

Let it be known- I have far better reflexes than I give myself credit for. Especially in the “power-outage-sudden-darkness” (while running on a treadmill) department. I’m very thankful for those reflexes- a serious injury may have been sustained right as my training cycle kicked up to the next level. Fortunately, I was already in the finishing laps of my run. Good thing I didn’t go to the gym any later!

Earlier in the day, I checked out the elevation chart on the Biofreeze Berkeley Half Marathon website. I clicked- and WOW. I would definitely need to add some hills into my workouts. I begrudgingly decided to run once a week after work (in San Franpsycho-drivers), and add some elevation into my treadmill running as well.

courtesy of berkeleyhalfmarathon.com

Seriously- what sick individual decides to end a HALF MARATHON on a hill?! I kid- kind of. Either way, it was time to get to work. This week is the last week including easy 3-milers as a constant. Next week, it really steps up into the 4-6 miles range.

Splits for the evening

You can tell by my time I did something differently. Mile 1, I took as an easy mile. Mile 2 is where everything changed. Every other quarter mile until finishing (Mile 3) I walked on setting 5 elevation. Per livestrong.com, that means I gained a total of 264 feet during the mile I took at an incline. If you want to calculate your own treadmill elevation gain with their “Elevation Calculator“, you can do so here.


Since my Garmin doesn’t calculate for elevation on the Indoor Running activity setting, I figured the cadence chart would serve as a good visual reference. Is there something I’m missing with this? If there is a way to change the settings, please let me know!

Final evening numbers

I feel really great about this run! Although it was cut short, and I incorporated walking, I can feel new muscle group activity (even as I’m writing this post this morning). I definitely see makeshift ice packs at my desk in my future!

It was at the 2.87 miles mark the lights went out. The whole gym froze and I think the attendant was just as confused as the rest of us were. I slowly and safely made my way to my car, and went home to my boys.

Upcoming this week:
– 5 mile run on Saturday
– 3 mile run on Sunday
Weekly Total: 14 miles

For the comments section:

Have you ever experienced a complete power outage while using a machine? How did you react? Did you get hurt?

How do you train best for a race with major elevation gains?

Until next time! – K

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