Weekend Recap.

Good morning, friends! As you are sitting down to read today’s post, I hope you have a nice cuppa joe to accompany you. It’s only fitting- it is a Monday morning, after all.

This weekend flew (don’t they always?). Friday night, I came right home from work and literally dove into my PJs, pizza, and Lucifer with the family. Tell me there is a better way to spend a Friday night, I dare you. Bedtime was at 10:30 PM, and we didn’t wake up until 8:45 AM Saturday morning. THANK YOU RT!

Saturday was long run day. E said he would come to allow for some stroller mileage, so we headed to the trail around 7:00 PM. Lucky for us, the fog was socked in AKA “nature’s AC” and no sun glare. Perfection.

This tunnel always seems so foreboding to me. It makes for a nice little pace pick-up!

I let E use my HydroFlask (linked here) for his water this time, while I broke in my hydration pack from Aonijie. I purchased this from Amazon during the Prime Day sales- I have a problem with paying full price for things when I know I can get a better deal elsewhere. Call it what you will- I just love bargain hunting. I believe the final price was $31 and change- this included BOTH the vest and the bladder, with shipping. Additionally, the items were received within two business days. Sold separately, the vest itself is $21 + tax and the 1.5L bladder is $15 + tax. Score!

Go Giants!

All in all, I loved the feel. Once adjusted properly, I could barely feel the weight or water (I hate the sound/feel of water sloshing), and there was zero chafing on my underarms, back, shoulder blades, or chest. Now, wearing a tank top may elicit a different response, but until then- no complaints here!

Part of a community garden we discovered around mile 3

In terms of elevation, we gained a total of 135 ft. Right as we were gearing up to turn around for the second half of the run, we ran into a big hill. The old Kate would have balked and immediately said “screw it, I’ll do it next time”, knowing darn well next time would never come. Present -day me said “all right, dig in and just do it”, and conquered that hill. I like to think of myself as a BAMR (do I get to call myself that, yet? Yes? Follow this link to find out what I’m talking about 😉 ).

The cutest little blankie-feet. I love my arial view.
Final time.

It got dark on us quickly around mile 4. The wind started to kick up even more, and what little light we had completely disappeared behind thick clouds and a full moon. It was quite spooky (and right up our alley).

The last time I ran 5 miles, the runs were split into two 2.5 milers. I’m more than happy with my 13:33/mi pace, especially since we are talking consecutive miles. This run felt really great. The initial 1.5 miles were more of a warm up, until I felt my muscles loosening up. After that, it was all good. No cramping, no runners’ knee, no shin issues, nada. Maybe these are the endorphins talking, but this night I crossed over from thinking “if I finish”, to “when I finish”. That, my friends, is an AWESOME feeling. I’m still not setting a time goal on myself. Whatever my time is, it will be what it will be. This is my inaugural half-marathon anyway, I don’t have to set any expectations on myself just yet.

We had a stowaway!

We found a stowaway trying to hitch a ride back to our house. The little guy (or girl) clung to my car for the entire ride home, as well as the ride to go grab soup for dinner. He (or she) was one strong grasshopper!

Sunday was set to be a 3 mile easy day. E and I had friends flying in to stay for a few days, so we picked them up from the airport, and I bumped my run to this evening (which otherwise would have been a rest day). I’ll fill you in on how that goes in Wednesday’s post.

For the comments section:

What kinds of fueling systems do you use for your long runs? Are you more of a vest, belt, or handheld person?

What are your favorite running conditions? Light or dark? Hot or cold? Trail, pavement, track, or treadmill?

Until next time! – K

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