A doozy.

Hi guys. Today’s post may be a lot for some people to read. I was going to address a big elephant hovering in the room of motherhood- specifically mamas who take time for themselves outside of #MomLife.

Lately, folks have been more, let’s say vocal, about the time I spend training for my races. Even more so now the blog has gone live. They see the posts about going to the gym, or going to a trail, and the time spent doing those things. People who know me in the real world (outside of the inter-webs) know I work a solid 40+ hour week at a job I have to commute to and from every day.

This opens me up to a lot of questioning-

So, where do you find time for RT?
You are making sure to prioritize him, right?
Where do you make time for E?
Are you nurturing your relationship enough?
You do know dogs need time too, right?
Do you even care about the dog at all, anymore?
Are you even away from a computer screen, anymore?

And finally, the most mind boggling comment of them all:
Just make sure you’re taking time for YOU!

My first response to all this is- do you realize the blog isn’t a play-by-play of our lives? It is a platform I go to 3 days a week, to document a 1 hour snippet of my day. I take great care to protect my family from the public eyes of See Kate Run. My son is not old enough to consent to me blasting his photo and information online for all to see until the end of time, and E does not have a career where it is comfortable or safe for people to know about our life at this level. My first priority is always, has always been, and will always be my family.

My second response tends to be a little less kind- are you freaking kidding me?!

For someone to fire off all those questions at me, and then to remind me to take time for me- what do you think running is?! Running is my safe space- it is where I turn to feel strong, to feel control over my life when it all seems overwhelming. It is the place I go for comfort, or for the times I need to feel the hurt so I can move on and heal. Running is me taking care of myself. It is respecting myself and my family enough to understand that if I don’t take this time for me, I won’t be nearly as nice of a human- they deserve that from me. I deserve to know the full potential of what my body is capable of, too.

Once you become a mother, you don’t lose every other part of yourself- I think that is where people get confused. Yes, I am “Mama”. I am also still Kate- a daughter, a cousin, a niece, a sister, a friend. I have my likes and dislikes, my passions, and my aversions. Those don’t magically go away.

Social media is tricky- putting yourself out there online makes for a lot of criticism. For someone like me who tends to have limitless faith in humanity, I never want to see the bad. I keep moving forward and expecting the good. I want to continue to post and share- you never know who you are helping or inspiring by sharing. This is important to me.

So- Mamas, Mommies, Mothers: keep fighting the good fight. Refuse to let others dictate what your version of motherhood is supposed to look like. If you want to be a runner? Run. If you want to dance? Dance. If you want to base jump? DO IT (and please send pictures because you are my hero). But whatever you do, don’t let the trolls take away your individuality. You know who you are- and you are a better mother because of it.

Until next time- K

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